Working with children

I love to work with children and parents with whatever is brought along to be held, supported, encouraged, resolved. Kids come as they are and we can just trust to work together with whatever shows up on the day. There is no exact formula except to support a child and parent to feel better, and gain new understanding of whatever it is they are coming for. Children respond quickly and it is a beautiful sight seeing a child move from hopelessness, disappointment, hurt, sadness to optimism and ease. I encourage children and their parents to learn how to Tap, or to be still and ask the 4 questions of The Work. Learning these methods together, with a parent and their child helps to build trust, and support for a child facing different challenges along the way.


Help your child with fears, anxieties, phobias, sadness, frustration.


Letting your child discover it’s ok to feel the way he/she does, and find his/her own solution.


Help your child be at ease, and happier in her or himself, so meeting a friendlier world.


Support your child to find relief from stressful events like bullying, failure, friendship troubles, comparisons.


Boost your child’s confidence, self esteem and self belief and develop resilience.

Together, we can find what approach and what is needed that fits you and your child best.

EFT / Tapping
EFT is a wonderful tool for helping kids release fear, anxiety, trauma, and doubt in a matter of minutes. EFT often produces results a lot more quickly with children. They just want to not feel the way they do about whatever is upsetting them – now. They’re not caught up in the “how’s” and “why’s”, they want to feel better, happier, and healthier.

EFT is very useful for children and teenagers, giving them relief for any emotional upset, difficulty, or challenge. The list of what EFT can help with is long. Gary Craig the originator of EFT says ’Try it on Anything’. A child or teenager are perceptive about knowing what they want to feel better about, or what’s bothering them. This is enough to begin tapping. EFT can help children and teenagers with fears, phobias, pain, worry, bullying, self esteem, resilience, confidence, concentration, performance in school, sport, want to improve in something, and so much more.

A great advantage of EFT is we can see results straight away, and a child and parent can know how these different processes are helping. When working with deeper issues such as self confidence, it is over the following days and weeks that the changes on all levels are felt and seen. Once a child, teenager or any of us feel better on one level, it affects other levels, such as physically or for a child feeling renewed confidence he/she is more easy going and doing things that he/she wouldn’t have done before.

The Work (of Byron Katie)
The Work works wonderfully with kids. They go inside and find their honest answers to the questions. Whatever is troubling them in thought, worry and doubt the Work can be held up to meet their thoughts or belief, and in the process they find a kinder friendlier world for them to join. Children and teenagers have learnt well enough to believe thoughts like they should or shouldn’t be a certain way. They should be clever, they should be prettier, richer. perform better at sport, and have lots of wants and needs that can make them feel very unhappy. When a particular thought or belief which upsets a child is heard, and the 4 questions are asked , they go inside and meet their own inner wisdom.

The Work is a fantastic tool for parents, carers, teachers in finding peace with all those thoughts that are carried around which feel like stress. It is such a relief to be able to see and track our thoughts and realise that a child is not the cause of my stress, rather its my thoughts about the child which causes me stress.

When I meet with a child and parent, or teenager each session is created in the dynamic of what surfaces in the interaction between us. The Work of Byron Katie is a very powerful process for a child or teenager to sit in the questions on a thought that troubles them and find relief and ease. If you would like to know more for yourself as a parent or for your child or teenager,or wish to book a session, you are welcome to telephone or email me.

Mindfulness / Meditation
Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, with the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. Mindfulness means paying full attention to something. It means slowing down to really notice what we are doing. When we are mindful, we are taking our time. Mindfulness can offer relief for whatever difficulties kids and teenagers might encounter in life. Much of mindfulness and the practices of meditation is self-acceptance, the being in acceptance of everything about ourselves and life as it is. Mindfulness is a practice children can use daily, it is a way of living and being in life.

Habits formed early in life will inform behaviours in adulthood, and with mindfulness, we have the opportunity to give our children the habit of being peaceful, kind and accepting. Developing the daily practice and living mindfully, children are immediately connected to their own inner wisdom to meet life’s challenges growing up.

Mindfulness is a way of living and being with life. Children and teenagers understand this as they begin to practice. It enables clarity of thinking, calmness, natural childlike spontaneity, a connection with a sense of self and self assurance, and enables meeting a kind friendly universe to live in. Mindfulness and the practices of meditation are a gift for life.

In a session with a child and parent, we might sit together and practice or we can talk about it as a practice to bring home in a practical and simple way.

"My 7 year old son came for nightmares and wetting the bed. After one session he stopped wetting the bed. He has only had one or two nightmares, and the next morning we tapped for his nightmare and he went of to school in his happy way with none of the old sadness and fear that he had had. He loves the ‘button tapping’ and laughs a lot when we do it together. Clodagh taught us a fun and easy way for John to learn and use it."

– Michelle / A mother of a 7-year-old with repeated nightmares –

"My son was often upset and angry, especially with his older brother. He hated his brother and there was always fighting and screaming going on. Clodagh asked the questions of The Work; Is it true you hate your brother? ‘He answered ‘yes’, and then when he was asked is it really true? He sat quietly with his eyes closed, eventually he said ‘No’ with a bold smile. As Clodagh was asking him questions, encouraging him, I saw my sons whole attitude change. To this day he loves his brother openly, and he is much happier in himself. It is much calmer in the house. Yes they still squabble, and they work it out together. Clodagh’s sincere and kind way of being with him was so helpful. I would and do recommend Clodagh to my friends. Thank you."

– Rachel / son aged 10, The Work –

Questions you might have

My child is having nighttime fears. Can you help?

Yes. Children can have nighttime fears for lots of different reasons. Initially we will explore to discover what might be the cause. I like to remember that a session begins from the moment a child arrives and we are setting up a connection so that he/she can feel at ease and express his feelings. And with these different approached of EFT alias Tapping, and The Work of Byron Katie, we don’t even have to know why. We can always begin from where we are and trust that. Depending on the child I might recommend essences, or homeopathic remedies as well to help a child along with the fear and uncertainty.

The great thing about these methods are that you will generally notice straightway or shortly after, a change in how your child reacts and is.

Do you offer online sessions?

Yes. I offer sessions online on Zoom, or Skype or by phone. If possible for the first session I recommend we are able to visually see each other. Seeing each other especially initially helps to connect with each other, especially with the child or teenager. It is good to visually see the Tapping points of EFT demonstrated. With children we use Tapping points in a fun way. It can be very supportive that the parent or carer taps along with the child.

I am not sure if my child will respond to this kind of work?

The beauty about coming along to a session like this is that we look to find what best suits your child and teenager. The only requirement is that a child or teenager shows up and we work from there. Children and teenagers know they are feeling off and want to feel better in some way. Their response is simply how they are right then. These methods facilitate meeting each child and teenager where she/he is. This brings a child or teenager to find ease, relief, confidence with whatever it is they come with.

Can I learn Tapping/EFT to help my child? How or where can I learn EFT / Tapping?

Yes I recommend learning how to Tap for any parent who wants to use EFT to support their child with fears, worries, anxieties and upsets including anger, sadness, uncertainty. It is easy to learn the basics of EFT. In a session, and especially after coming along for a few sessions, children and teenagers naturally pick up the technique. With a bit of extra information and encouragement, they go home with their own handy tool to help them along life’s way. And more than likely they will be teaching you too!

Gary Craig the original founder of EFT has lots of information and how to learn EFT There is plenty on youtube and online to help you learn the techniques. In the resources section here you can download a diagram of the Tapping points and a short video demonstrating the Tapping points.

Another way to learn EFT is by seeing a practitioner for your own issues, experience its effectiveness yourself, learning as you go.

I also hold three kinds of EFT Workshops. They aim to give you a direct experience of EFT, while teaching you the basic skills to bring home. The EFT /Tapping Workshop are
For adults
For children
For adults who want to use Tapping with children (parent, carer, teachers)
If you would like to organise a workshop in your area you are welcome to contact me . I also visit schools holding EFT Workshops for young children all the way up to final year in school. I give workshops to mother and toddler groups.

EFT is effective for hundreds of simple issues and can be Tapped for by yourself. For more complex issues you could see an experienced practitioner.

How much does one session cost?

The initial session which lasts up to 1.5hours is €100.

Follow up sessions are €80/hour.

If you book 3 follow up (hour-long) sessions, it is at a discounted rate of €210.

These prices are for sessions online via Skype/Zoom or Phone and for 1:1 in person.

How many sessions may my child need?

The answer to this really depends on the type of issue you and your child are experiencing, and in what way both of you would like to journey with what arises. What is hoped is for your child to experience in each session, some shift or change in her/his understanding and emotional response to a given specific situation and to find healing and transformation in his/her whole being. We can discuss what suits you and your child best at the end of the session.

Do you offer online sessions?

Yes, online sessions are conducted via WhatsApp/Skype/Zoom/Facetime.

Is it as effective to meet on the phone, instead of one on one in person?

Many people i have met say they prefer attending a session on the phone/Zoom/Skype over a one to one session in the practice place. They feel they are not as distracted. It saves traveling and the time to get there, and the client finds it more comfortable and easier to work from their own chosen place. It is preferable for the first session to have a video call so we can see each other, however it isn’t necessary. For the sessions it is important to have a quiet, undisturbed space for yourself during the designated time. Whether meeting face to face or online is equally effective, it is a matter of preference and/or convenience.

Ready to work together? I am happy to hear from you. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing these profound, beautifully simple, elegant approaches for peace and wellbeing.

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