Working with groups

I love working with small groups sharing these methods and practices with whoever finds it helpful and interesting. During the workshops, you will experience first hand each method such as EFT and The Work of Byron Katie. You will discover what they can help and support you with in your life. The aim of every workshop is for you to leave with an effective and practical method or practice for you to apply to use for yourself. Gathering in a group, learning and working together adds a special dynamic creating support for each of the participants.


See and experience for yourself how EFT helps with phobias, stress, anxiety, food cravings, and how The Work of Byron Kate leads to peace with our thoughts and beliefs.


Learn how to 'Tap', helping you with stress and anxiety, and head home with this simple technique to use for yourself and your family.


Come along for The Work of Byron Katie, identify, question and undo repetitive, stressful thoughts causing pain and suffering in your life, and experience a kinder world to live in.


Join in a group, sharing and learning in a warm hearted caring space.

Book an upcoming Event or contact me if you want a Workshop to be held in your area or to be hosted Online. All these Workshops are available in person or Online on Zoom

The Work of Byron Katie: Change Your Thinking - Change your World
The Work of Byron Katie is a simple way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the fear, violence, depression, frustration and suffering in the world.

This process is simple, radical, and life changing. How different would your life be if these thoughts never bothered you again. The Work of Byron Katie is a process that clears the mind.

I offer two kinds of Workshops:

1. An introduction to The Work Of Byron Katie.
This is an Introduction to what is The Work, and how to apply The Work to a situation, or to a person that causes unease. We identify a thought and put it on paper and start asking the 4 questions. This workshops are held in a way to support each of us sit in our questions and let the answers surface. It is a three hour Workshop. See upcoming workshops here.

2. The Work of Byron Katie over 6-8 weeks.
This is held weekly for two or two and a half hours. This weekly gathering gives an opportunity to practice The Work together, share what we are finding, ask any questions that arise, experiencing with each other what it means to be in The Work from a place of honesty integrity, humility, kindness and love. See upcoming workshops here.

EFT / Tapping / Emotional Freedom Techniques
EFT Workshops are a very exciting and fascinating way of learning this technique. Taking away this simple tool on your fingertips to use for yourself and with your family and friends is very rewarding. The Workshops are lively and dynamic and you begin to learn EFT right there and then, experiencing it for yourself while seeing others experience it too.

The Workshops are held in three different formats.

1.Introductory EFT/Tapping Workshop
This is a two and half hour to three hour Workshop. In this workshop we tell the story of EFT, what it is and how to apply it . We begin tapping straightaway, explaining and learning as we go along. The great thing about EFT is you can’t do it wrong! In this Workshop I demonstrate EFT working, and we have some fun tapping together as a group. The aim of this Workshop is to introduce you to this simple technique. For you to have a first hand experience of Tapping, and take home good basic EFT skills to try for yourself, family or friends.

Weekend Training in EFT /Tapping
While this is a Level 1 Training, I hold it for anyone who is interested in becoming more proficient in the skills of EFT. I love these weekends where we can explore and practice a lot of EFT for different issues and situations and learn more through your questions and what arises in the Workshop.

Weekly EFT /Tapping Workshop over 6 or 8 weeks. This is held for two hours weekly. This way of learning about and practicing EFT is very practical . As a participant you go home every week, and you get to try in on anything! Then coming back each week we share our stories of EFT success and bring along questions you might have about what and how to improve your skill in EFT.

"Clodagh’s ability to get to the core issues relating to people’s fears and illness was very effective and healing. EFT really is a great technique to help deal with any personal problem or sickness. Clodagh ran the workshop in a very relaxed and fun way which put everyone at ease while still being able to allow the EFT work to fulfill its function. I certainly benefited from learning a basic introduction to EFT and will use it again."

– Liam D. / EFT Tapping Workshop –

"I attended an EFT Workshop hosted by Clodagh. I was a sceptic through and through. My friend brought me along cause there was a special deal for the two of us. I had a back pain that I have had for years. I couldn’t lift any bags or walk for any length of time without this heavy bearing pain, and going upstairs was very painful for me. I was amazed when after three rounds of EFT in the group I was pain free, down from a 9 to 5 to only a half. I walked up and down the stairs to test if it was gone there and then and it was and to this day I am pain free. I enjoyed the workshop. It was lively and entertaining with lots of laughs. I learnt so much about pain and why we carry it, and how I can help myself with this simple technique"

– Siobhan W. / EFT Tapping Introductory Workshop

Request a custom event or workshop for your team or group.

Would you like to have a Workshop held for your specific group or team? Together we can create an event that suits you. It can be a one of event, a weekend event, or held weekly over weeks. Simply get in touch and let’s see what you would like to hold with your team or group.

Ideas for a Workshop or Event for your group:

Introductory EFT workshop

This is a fun way to be together as a group, and at the same time learn EFT. It is guaranteed there will be a laugh or two! Each participant can have a personal EFT experience, or will see how EFT benefits others in the group, there and then
They will go home with a fantastic tool they can use for themselves and their family for all kinds of stress, anxiety, fear and worries.

Workshops for children

I also hold Workshops for children. They can learn Tapping for themselves. It is a fun workshop, and we tap along together for whatever they want to tap for. At the same time, they learn how to tap for themselves.

The Work Of Byron Katie & Meditation

This is a workshop for anybody looking to find relief and rest from those thoughts that keep churning around, driving us crazy with fear, worry, anxiety, depression, anger. In a group, we come to see we all have the same churned up thoughts, just different stories attached to them. It is to find peace of mind that we come to question our thinking. A group event is a wonderful way to identify and explore The Work, and question the limiting beliefs that keep us stressed and in pain. The Work is meditation, dropping into stillness, observing what arises in the mind’s eye.

Together you experience The Work, ask questions and discover a way to free yourself from confusion, transform your life and relationships, especially finding the love of your life – yourself.

Questions you might have

How big are the groups you are working with?

I hold groups from ten to twenty participants.
You can arrange your own group and I can come along and I will happily share whatever practice or method you would like to learn.

Do you also offer online events?

Yes. I offer online events in the practices of EFT, The Work of Byron Katie, and Mindfulness.

At the moment I am holding groups that others have organised. If you would like me to host your group or team in one of these ways, get in touch, let me know what you are planning and I will get back to you.

Are the workshops on one approach, EFT/Tapping or The Work of Byron Katie?

Yes, each workshop is in a particular approach. I hold workshops for EFT /Tapping and other workshops of The Work of Byron katie.

The EFT Workshops are held for an evening or a morning session of up to three hours. This gives a basic introduction and practical experience of EFT. I also give regular weekly two hour workshops help over 6-8 weeks. You can head home with the know how to Tap.
I also hold workshops for a couple of hours weekly over 6-8 weeks. This gives you the opportunity of learning more about EFT and having an opportunity to practice at home, and to come back the next week with the wonderful results, and any questions you may have .
I give EFT training workshops over the weekend or for a day. This gives more in depth training and is the protocol teaching for those who would like to become an EFT Practitioner or use it as an add on in their already existing practice.

The Work of Byron Katie workshops are held as one off evening or morning workshops introducing this practical way to question any stressful thoughts with 4 questions and Turnarounds.
I also hold weekly workshops over 6-8 weeks for a couple of hours. This is a great way to experience the Work of Byron Katie, finding ways to to identify and explore the thoughts that cause all the pain and suffering in our world.

If we organise a group to attend, will you host it?

Yes. It is a great idea to organise a group of friends or work colleagues to come along and experience and learn any of these practices, EFT alias Tapping, The Work of Byron Katie or Mindfulness.

You gather a few people, contact me and we can work out what would suit you and your group best. I am willing to travel to give a workshop in person.

Will I know how to use The Work of Byron Katie and EFT after the workshop?

Yes. In these workshops you will learn how to apply The Work of Byron Katie or EFT/Tapping through demonstration, and then having practical experience within the workshop group. I will also give you details about how and where you can continue to practice and learn more about EFT or The Work of Byron Katie.

What kind of groups do you host for the workshops?

I give workshops for small groups of people through community or local organisations that invite me along, or that I personally organise. This can be for adults or for children. I give workshops in schools for the staff and also to students, mainly students in transition year and in primary schools. I can also hold workshops in the workplace. These methods are fantastic to help staff cope better in the workplace and at home. These workshops are informal, practical and are guaranteed to have a laugh or two.

Ready to work together? I am happy to hear from you. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing these profound, beautifully simple, elegant approaches for peace and wellbeing.

My space:

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